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she ~ a poem

She runs barefoot in the wheat fieldunder the vivid morning light.The laughter that she holdsslips through the side of her lips.The sunlight shines on her pink cheeks,forming a new hue on her skin.In the yellow dazzle, before sunset;I think I’ll call her Vignette. At the time of the evening twilightin a room of books andContinue reading “she ~ a poem”

creative block~ a poem

Have had been an explorer in the nightscapes of dreams, I’ve smiled, sulked and shivered in sleep. I ran on streams, landed on female curves and explored the polar. One day it stopped, the fidelity of awakening ebbed the time of closing eyes, the time of embodying the mystical characters with a tinge of realism.Continue reading “creative block~ a poem”


‘Courage is knowing what not to fear.’ With this being said, I decided to get my shy parts out of the closet and do something that I always wanted to do. Thereby, here I am with my little take and perspective on things that matter whilst the occasional appearance of poems that I wrote forContinue reading “first.”

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